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(Left to Right): James Chou, Joe Russo, Randy Donowitz, Christine Williams, Joe Burger, Sanjay Joshi, Joe Yaiullo, Kevin Kohen at the November 2009 LIRA meeting in Acan Lighting's office:

(Left to Right): JR, Ken Wagner, Joe Badilla, Jeff Turner, Ken Feldman, Sanjay Joshi, James Chou. The speakers from NERAC V visit Acan Lighting's office:

(Left to Right): Simon Garratt, Joe Yaiullo, Charles Delbeek, James Chou, Rich Ross:

Jake Adams, professional marine aquarist from Colorado, observing our corals under 3 different LED lights. The tank is obviously too short for him! (80% of the corals in this tank were grown exclusively under LED lighting):

Todd Cherry of Cherry Corals and James Chou

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