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The Manhattan Reefs Spring Frag swap came to Brooklyn, NY at Pratt Institute, and we were thrilled that so many tri-state area reef enthusiasts turned up for the event. Our powerful and efficient A102 helped vendors highlight their coral's colors in optimal light and one lucky visitor went home with a 24" A101 in the grand prize raffle.

Pacific East Aquaculture used a couple of A102 fixtures to bring out the true beauty of their corals.

The A102 has no problem illuminating the acrylic tank at Diamonds of the Reef's display, even at a depth of 48 inches.

Unique Corals (also Manhattan Aquariums) had some rare and unique corals for sale, and used a couple of A102 displays to show off their fluorescent color.

Cherry Corals with a silver A102, keeping them busy selling frags all day.

With Crazy Mad Corals right by the front entrance to the swap, it was vital that they had the best light over their tank. They were happy to use a A102 to properly display their corals.

Our friends at Saltwater Critters with an A102 as Sanjay Joshi and Christine Williams look on.

Wet Thumb Frags had steady action all day as an A102 illuminated the coral.

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