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Thanks to all who stopped by our booth at Marine Aquarium Expo 2010 at the OC Fair and Event Center in Orange County, CA, April 10-11. It was great meeting new people and seeing how enthusiastic hobbyists are on the west coast! We were happy to hear that word is getting around about Acan's innovative LED fixtures that offer unparalleled power, efficiency, and reliability. We were happy to donate a 24" A102 (retail value $1200) as a raffle prize and want to say "congratulations" to the lucky winner! See you all soon at future events!

The 12 ft x 4 ft main display tank at MAX was brightly illuminated by our 48" A102. This fixture, positioned over 6 feet from the bottom of the tank, uses a mere 200 watts of power and replaced the FOUR 400-watt metal halides (total 1600 watts!) that were on this display. Everyone was amazed at the awesome power and efficiency of the Acan A102!

The 4 ft x 3 ft tank in MAX's main display was illuminated by a 24" A102, hanging 4 feet from the bottom of the tank. The sleek and stylish case of both Acan fixtures perfectly complemented the design of MAX's display and gave it a wonderfully sophisticated look!

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